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Thiết Bị Đo Mức Bằng Sóng Siêu Âm Có Hiển Thị Lcd

  • Description
  • This instrument determines the height from the bottom to the surface of the liquid under test by measuring the air propagation time, the time required for an ultrasonic wave emitted from the detector installed above the tested liquid to reflect on the level of the liquid, and then return to the detector. This product can be widely used for a high degree of measurement of the level of a variety of liquid; solid materials can also be used for distance measurement.

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Mô Tả Chi Tiết

    •  Feature
    • Provides reliable, accurate, and non-contact level measurement;
    • Non-contact technology offers no moving parts to wear, jam, corrode ;
    • FM approved explosion-proof making it ideal for use in hazardous locations;
    • Easy programming with 6 digit LCD display and simple menu structure;
    • Output range is adjustable with choices of inputting tank dimensions or by filling and emptying the tank while calibrating and it automatically and scaling to levels it senses;
    • Window cover allows easy viewing of display;
    • Fail-safe output options and diagnostic capabilities.
    Maximum Measurable Distance
    (Depending on the model)
    Accuracy ±0.25% of Rate
    ±0.5% of Rate
    Resolution (1)Range < 10m:05m
    (2)Range > 10m:10m
    Frequency 40 KHz
    Output Signal 4-20mA/RS485(Optional)
    Power Supply 220Vac/24V DC
    Case Material PA6/ABS
    Blind Area 0.2-0.9m
    Maximum Load 750Ω
    Ambient Temperature -20…+55℃
    •  Technical Data
    •  Model Selection
    Model ULM Description
    Diameter XX 05-30m
    Power Supply AC 220Vac
    DC 24V DC
    Output Signal 1 2-wire 4-20mA
    2 4-wire 4-20mA
    Communication 1 None
    2 RS485
    Relay Output 1 None
    2 One Chanel
    3 Two Chanel

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