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Product Brief:

■ Linearity: 0.5%, Repeatability: 0.2%, Accuracy: 1.0%;
■ Measuring range: DN15-DN6000;
■ Type: Wall mounted, Handheld , Portable;
■ Adopt low voltage, multi-pulse technology to improve accuracy…

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Hand-held Ultrasonic Type

TUF-2000H works on the transit time method. This is based on the principle that sound waves traveling with the flow will move faster than those traveling against it. The resulting difference in transit time is directly proportional to the flow velocity of the liquid and consequently to the flow rate.

  • Portable Ultrasonic TypeTUF-2000P is available in a variety of configuration that permit the user to select an ultrasonic meter with feature suitable to meet particular application requirements. It could also provides the data printed service. Built-in min thermal printed with instant and timing print function and uplink over 20 measuring data to computer or internet.
  • Wall mounted Ultrasonic TypeTUF-2000S is a fixed mounted transit-time ultrasonic flowmeter, with clamp-on transducers for non-invasive liquid measurement. Our microprocessor based, user friendly, field programmable flow measurement technique allows no interruption of the process flow and has low installation cost.




Liquid Types

Most clean liquids or liquids containing small amounts of suspended solids or gas bubbles
Measuring Principle Transit-Time
Converter Model TUF-2000P Portable with Printer
TUF-2000H Hand-Held
TUF-2000S Wall-Mounted
Pipe Size DN15…DN6000
Sensor Model TS-2 DN15…DN100
TM-1 DN50…DN700
TL-1 DN300…DN6000
HTS-1 DN15…DN100
HTM-1 DN50…DN700
Max. Fluid Temperature TS-2;TM-1;TL-1:-40…+90℃
Accuracy ±1%~±2% value of reading (0.5-30m/s)
±0.5% value of reading(online    calibration)
Power Supply and Output(Depending on Model) (1) Rechargeable Battery(RS232)
(2) 110-230Vac(4-20mA/Pulse/RS485)
(3) 24V DC(4-20mA/Pulse/RS485)
Pipe Materials Cast Iron; Stainless Steel
Ductile Iron Copper; PVC; Aluminum,
Asbestos Fiberglass…etc
Liner Materials Tar Epoxy, Rubber, Morta
Polypropylene, Polystyrol
Polystyrene, Polyester, Ebonite
Polyethylene, Teflon…etc
Language English; Chinese(Other’s on request)
Engineer Units M3;Liter;US Gallon; Imperial
Gallon; Million Gallon; Cubic Feet
US Barrels; Imperial Barrels; Oil    Barrel
Totalizer 7 digit; Forward; Reverse & Net    Values
Flow Rate 5 digit with decimal point
Host Material Cast Aluminium
Weight Around 7 KG/PCS
Model TUF-2000 Description
Host Type S

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