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Electromagnetic heat meter is a thermal conversion system contains the heat released by the hot fluid measurement instruments measure. It uses a high precision, high reliability magnetic flow meter with platinum RTD for temperature so that the heat meter has very excellent measurement performance. It can be widely used in metering residential quarters office building s and enterprises, centra heating, heating, air conditioning heat.

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Model LDGH Description
Type Pt100 Pt100 temperature sensors
Pt1000 Pt1000 temperature sensors
Diameter XXXX DN6-DN2200
Structure S Compact Type with local disply
L Remote Type;10meters cable default
Electrode Material M SS316L
T Titanium
D Tantalum
H Hastelloy Alloy C
P Platiniridium
Signal Output 0 No Output
1 4-20mA/Pulse
Liner Material X Hard Rubber
P Propylene Oxide
Power Supply -0 110-240Vac
-1 24V DC(20-36V DC)
-2 Battery Power Supply
Communication 0 No Communication
1 Modbus RS485
4 Profibus DP
Sensor Grounding 0 No Grounding
1 Grounding Ring
2 Grounding Electrode
Connection DXX D16:DIN PN16 Flange; D25:    DINPN25;…
AXX A15: ANSI 150# Flange; A30:    ANSI 300#…
JXX J10: JIS 10K Flange; J20:    JIS 20K…
XXX On request
Body Material CS Carbon steel
S4 Stainless steel 304
S6 Stainless steel 316

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