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Đồng Hồ Đo Lưu Lượng Dạng Metal Tube (Ống Kim Loại) Br250s

For high flows of gases, liquid, steam and oil.

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Case Material:

Aluminum alloy case with paint, SS316 available

Body Wetted Parts Material:

SS316, and others on request

Flow Rates For: 


Water- 30 L/H up to 250,000 L/H (special ranges on request)
Air- 0.8 Nm³/H up to 1,200 Nm³/H (special ranges on request)



Vertical and Horizontal available


Micro Switch 5A/125VAC, 5A/250VAC, 2A/30VDC
Adjustable Reed Alarm Switch, Form A bistable type, N.O. type
Adjustable Inductive Alarm Switch
4~20mA (2-wires) analog output


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